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Hi, it's AmiraaVee

Welcome to my website. Here is a platform where I showcase my adventures as a print model, influencer, consultant, and love for all things fashion. 

Valentine's Day 2k17

Today was a pretty awesome day! Woke up x felt the vibe, a new sense of clarity, growth, and an abundance of love for myself. I did some cardio at the gym, surprised my best girlfriend w. box of macaroons, she cooked VDay breakfast meanwhile us taking part in gal talk x glasses of rosè😍 - spent my afternoon hitting up a couple Fashion Week shows (Moncler was my FAV today), got a foot massage at a coffee shop (so random😌), then had an amazing dinner cooked by my French Chef , watched #thearrival , got another foot massage , and reconnected with an old friend for hours of convo up until 4am. Not sure why I decided to tell you about my entire day in detail but thanks for reading my long ass caption. Valentine's Day 2k17 was a hella dope and a hella single one. Haha K bye 💋#grateful#patientwithmyprocess


PRE - 59th Grammy Awards