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Hi, it's AmiraaVee

Welcome to my website. Here is a platform where I showcase my adventures as a print model, influencer, consultant, and love for all things fashion. 


[El pueblo de Cuba]. The People of Cuba are filled with so much joy, warmth, and kindness. Sad to say but coming from America or a place like New York, we are not used toeveryday people being so kind. In Cuba, that generous approach threw me for a loop in the beginning because of the way that the genuality was interpreted initially - as if something needed to be reciprocated in return. But the more observant I became by watching the natural interactions on the street, the more it began to resonate with me how natural that state of being is for them. All good vibes, no matter what part of the country I was in. :)

[La Vida de Cuba]. The Cuban life filled with beaches, architecture of homes and businesses, and LOTS of COLOR. Literally every corner was filled with vibrant colors and resembled all kinds of ART. 

[La cultura cubano]. The Cuban Culture from my perspective mirrored a land stuck in frozen time even by their means of life. Life there is very old school. That is what I was the most fascinated with, how the people were so present. Little kids played in the streets with no video games, no technology, and just each other. People would use their little cuban phones to call others quickly, then set up a meeting point to converse in person; as face to face interaction there is very frequent. Nowadays our generation and society is accustomed to texting and using social media as forms of communication. I was happy to be able to disconnect and just immerse in the cuban culture.It forces you to cherish every moment of everyday. I am so grateful for my experience in Cuba, as it was definitely humbling, surreal, and overall super fulfilling.

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