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Hi, it's AmiraaVee

Welcome to my website. Here is a platform where I showcase my adventures as a print model, influencer, consultant, and love for all things fashion. 

Live, Work, Create

Today was an interesting day becuase luck just wasn't on our side. This shoot was totally last minute (like a lot of them), but instead this time we were racing against the sunset.  After walking around my neighborhood, finally we found this cool graffiti wall around the corner from mi casa and decided that this would be the best backdrop we could find in a timely manner. Soon as we began shooting, five mins later Troy's (my lovely friend x photographer) camera died. *major eye rollllll* 

Below is the result of what we got within those 5mins along with wardrobe details. HAHAHA I probably didn't need anymore time that what I got.

Instead of just deciding to plan for another day, I was so anxious to shoot. Live, Work, Create, story of my life.


Jumpsuit// Wai Ming Pink Aria 

Pumps// Jeffrey Campbell

Clutch// Milly



South Street.

Pastel Potion