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Vueve Cliquot Polo Classic '17

The beginning of Summer'17 happened for me at the 10th anniversary celebration of Vueve Cliquot Polo Classics on Liberty State Island. This was my first time attending such a posh event and I had no expectation of what was to come. All I can say is there are levels to this sh*t ! I had a BLAST !!! 


When I would speak to a few folks about the Polo Classics this year, the most common response was "What's that?" I'm not sure if I was talking to the wrong people or if this event just isn't something that is super well-known.

However, New Yorkers have long held a fascination with polo. Now they have an event to get their polo fix: The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. For the last nine years it has been held in early June. And every year it gets busier, more elaborate, maybe even more drunken.

In the Rose Garden, ( where I was happy to be apart of)  there is enough booze to get tipsy, but not enough for the scene to get rowdy. That happens in the VIP area, which offers exactly what you would expect from a high-end luxury brand. Here you watch polo not from the ground, but from plush couches and cute tables set up on the side of the field. Huge yellow umbrellas provide shade while side tables and ice buckets keep magnums chilled. It's impossible to tell how much champagne you've consumed; overall its just a memorable time! 

Thank you to Essence Magazine for capturing and featuring me on such a fun day filled with lots of Style, Champagne, and beautiful people with tons of flavaa!

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